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An Agency that Does So Much More

诚信为本. 成功驱动.


Our Business Is Helping Yours

成立于2008年, Stimulus advertising was created with the intention of bringing something different to the advertising and marketing community. As the previous marketing Communications Manager for what is now known as Genworth, owner Lynn Kirby envisioned an agency that was not only customer friendly but also able to provide each client with the best advertising and marketing service to their audiences. Providing clients with clear expectations and a shared vision Stimulus has delivered hundreds of campaigns and thousands of ads across a variety of platforms. Using quality tools and focused tactical deployment of resources, Stimulus helps clients get the most out of their budget and increased ROI from media placement.

Beginning the business under the name Axis Creative from 2001 to 2008, Lynn and his team helped a variety of companies and organizations from major insurance companies and 制造商 to small businesses. As the business grew, so did the focus on technology, social media and web design.

The change to Stimulus 广告 was more than just a name change— The business changed for the better, looking to help more people in more areas across the United States and beyond. With clients ranging from Ireland to Washington State, Stimulus has the ability and experience to deliver high-quality advertising campaigns, advanced web technologies and focused marketing solutions that stimulate growth and profitability.

Many companies offer packages of services— Stimulus has always been focused on delivering custom services for each client. As for services like 搜索引擎优化 (Search Engine Optimization) Stimulus formulates strategies that meet your goals. When purchasing media we constantly negotiate the best deals often saving clients a considerable amount while receiving more ad placements.

Over the last few years, Stimulus has been able to continue expanding the business and acquiring new clients - mainly by reputation. With over 600 websites launched, we are excited about what the future holds and hope that we can continue to serve Lynchburg and the surrounding areas and other clients across the country. Stimulus offers secure web hosting with PCI compliant servers. Standard operating procedures mean quick development, 快速部署, advanced security tools and local support.

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Our Experience Speaks for Itself!

With nearly 20 years in the business, we have served many local, 区域, national and international clients. That's right, we said international! While we are a "Lynchburg-based" company, our reach goes way further. Our experience covers advertising and marketing functions for industries such as insurance and financial services, banks and credit unions, 律师事务所, 制造商, 核, government and economic development, 零售, 旅游及旅游业, 通信, 家具, packaging and publishing .... 仅举几个例子.
But enough talking, we would love to show you some of our work!


Stimulus provides the power, expertise and energy to drive compelling brand experiences and generate new business and new customers. Stimulus believes inspired ideas and effective execution should be sewn together for maximum effect. Creating and refining opportunities for you and your organization with our world-class design team and developing visual and verbal elements that capture your brand’s positioning is what sets us apart from the others. By consistently delivering a compelling message across multiple channels and media, Stimulus creates a solid platform for growth.

Our Areas of 专业知识 Include:


  • "Lighthouse" Strategy
  • 有凝聚力的执行
  • 精密计时
  • Understanding Distribution Channels
  • Assuming Thought Leadership
  • Attracting Customers


  • 印刷广告
  • 数字/Social 广告
  • Broadcast Media Creation
  • Integrated Ad Campaigns
  • 广告制作
  • Media Research, Budgeting & 放置


  • 标志设计
  • 品牌创建
  • Brand Documentation
  • Challenger 品牌
  • 风格指南


  • 抵押品的设计
  • 摄影
  • 视频/生产
  • 包装设计
  • 直接邮件
  • Signage/Display Design
  • 打印管理


  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Content Management Solutions
  • 响应的设计
  • 电子商务
  • Intranets/Extranets
  • Secure-Review Online Collaboration
  • Advanced Functionality


  • 标题标签
  • 跳出率
  • 元数据描述
  • 元关键字
  • 有机搜索引擎优化结果
  • 点击付费(PPC)


  • 社交媒体 Strategies
  • 社交媒体/Website Integration
  • 广告/Contests/Tactics
  • 社交媒体 Guidelines
  • 社交媒体 Content


  • Press Kits/Releases
  • Biographies/Lookbooks
  • Crisis/Opportunity Management
  • 演讲
  • 网站上复制
  • 社交媒体 Management